Month: March 2024


The Magnificent R. Premadasa Stadium: “Icon of Sri Lankan Cricket”

Premadasa Stadium was previously known as Khettarama Arena, Khettarama Street, in the Maligawatta suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Way back in June 1994, known as the Khettarama Cricket Arena and is today one of the primary settings where the Sri Lankan cricket crew play, having facilitated an excess of 100 one-day worldwide matches.  It is […]


Hacksnation: Your Pathway to Tech Empowerment and Mastery

We’ve all been working hard to keep up with technology, but in the process, we’ve realized that we can’t even handle these abrupt, quick changes. We all require direction that promises to mold us around the trip to comprehend these changes. Thus, we will discuss the HacksNation platform today, which tries to fulfill a similar […]

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