Matthew Perry: Famous Canadian and American Actor

Matthew Perry's

Matthew Perry: Famous Canadian and American Actor

At age of 15 Matthew Perry became interested in acting. Matthew was a famous American and Canadian actor. Matthew’s father was also an actor and former model. In 1979 he started his Tv journey. He got famous by his shoe friends. At time of his death He was living in Los Angeles . To get more detailed information about matthew perry death – how did matthew perry die – matthew perry net worth –  matthew perry tv shows and movies. Read this blog it may help you for better understanding. 

Who is Matthew Perry?

Matthew Perry was known as an actor. He has citizenship of both the US and Canada. His chapter was started on 19 august 1969 and closed on 28 october 2023. Perry played the role of Co-Creator, co writer, star of ABC sitcom and executive producer also. He had repeated roles in dramas such as the good wife, good fight. In 2021 his final television appearance was noted on Friends television. He also dubbed Benny in the video game “fallout: New Vegas”. 

He spent half of his life in drug addictions and alcohol consumption. After his recovery he stands for other drug addicted peoples and became an advocate for recovery and a spokesperson for National Association of Drug Court Professionals. He also won award for champion of recovery. In 2022 he published his memoir, a record of events, related to his friends and big terrible things. 


Full NameMatthew Langford Perry
Born August 19,1969
Died October 28,2023
Occupation actor
Citizen shipUS & Canada
Mother Suzanne
Father John bennet perry
Step father Keith morrison
Height 1.83 m

Early Life & Education 

Matthew Perry’s chapter was started on 19 August 1969 in williamstown. Perry’s parents separated after 1 year of his birth. Biological father of Perry was John Bennett Perry, he was an American actor and model. Perry’s mother Suzanne married a Canadian journalist named Morrison. His upbringing was mostly done by his mom.  Perry completed his high school from Buckley school and graduated in 1987. 

When Perry was 10 years old he started to behave badly. 

He did all bad things such as money thefting, smoking and beating his classmates. After some time Perry ascribes to this feeling like he is not part of fa,mily when his mother starts having childrens with Morrison. When Perry was 14, he started drinking alcohol. Perry also plays tennis 10 hours a day. He became a top ranked junior tennis player. When he was 15 he moved and shifted with his father. 

Matthew Perry Movies and Tv Shows

Perry was in a small role of 249 robert too, performing as an child actor. It was his first step in industry. He also played role of Chazz Rushell in tv seriesIn, in 1987-1988. In 1989 he played the role of Carol Seaver’s boyfriend Sandy, on a three episode arc on Growing pains.  In 1988 Perry made his big screen debut in a night in the life of Jimmy reardon. In 1994 he was staring as chandler bin on nbc television sitcom friends and got international fame. One of the famous matthew perry movie and tv show was, “the ron clark story” and beverly hills. 

Matthew perry’s Net Worth

Matthew perry was died on 28 october 2023 at that time Matthew Perry’s net worth was $120 million in 2023. He generated income from acting, voice dubbing and producing. He was continuously earning from $10 million to $20 million per annum. He was earning from friends annually. He became very famous from his role as Chandler Bing. he was earning $1 million per episode. He was  also owner of $6 million home in pacific palisades. According to reports, Perry has earned $US90 million from his 10 years on the show. 

How did Matthew Perry Die?

In Los Angeles where he was living, founded dead in a hot tub.  At the age of 54 years he went away from all of his fandom. His funeral was held on 3 november 2023 in los angeles. He died on 28 October 2023. Both of his biological parents and his stepfather also attended his funerals. At his funeral his favorite song was played “Don’t give up”. After his death National Philanthropic Trust founded the Matthew Perry Foundation to help people come out from addiction. 

According to medical reports, Matthew Perry’s death was due to Acute effects of ketamine. Other reasons for Matthew Perry’s death, effect of buprenorphine, drowing and coronary artery disease. During the period of Matthew Perry’s death he was taking ketamine assisted physiotherapy to cure anxiety. These are the reasons for Matthew Perry’s death. 


He was an actor from America and canada. At the age of 18, perry was casted in show “ a night in life of jimmy reardon opposite river phoenix”. After that his career went on speed, he was getting offers. He got famous for his role Chandler bing on Friends. Matthew Perry’s death occurs at the age of 54 years. He faced many problems in life and got addicted to drugs & alcohol. After some time he recovered from his addiction and took stands for other people who are also suffering from these kinds of addiction. He also won an award for this step. In 2023 his net worth was recorded at $120 million. He was also taking ketamine assisted psychotherapy for anxiety. Before 1 week of his death he took it last.


Q. How did Matthew Perry die? 

    According to medical reports Matthew perry die due to drowning, ketamine and coronary artery disease. 

    Q. What is  Matthew Perry’s net worth at time of his death?

      On 28 november 2023 matthew perry died, his net worth was $120 million at that time. He was still earning from his show Friends, between $10 million to $20 million. 

      Q. What are the 2 famous Matthew Perry movies and tv shows?

        17 again and the whole nine yards are Matthew Perry famous movies. Friends and The Simpsons are   Matthew Perry’s famous tv shows.

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